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A visit to the property to be sold is our first step in a property sale. When the seller has contacted us, we will visit the property and collect all relevant information about the property to be sold. Following to this visit we will give an estimation of the price, based on our knowledge of the market price in the neighbourhood.

We will give the seller our opinion on the property and our advise on selling the property. A technical report must be submitted, DPE (EPC), wicht is required to conduct the sale.

The seller has the choice between two types of mandates: simple or exclusive mandate.
The mandate is compulsory and must be signed by all sellers. The agency’s rate must be stated as being payable either by the seller or the buyer. This is 5% depending on the selling price, it is agreed at the signant of the mandate.

The commission is to be payed when the authenticated deed is signed at the notaire’s office.
After completing the sales mandate, the description and the photos are joined in our files. The property information will be displayed on our website and on property sales websites in multiple languages and countries. Online property listings will attract active potential buyers via the internet.
We are in contact with potential buyers who are actively hunting for property. We will contact potential buyers who are listed in our files and whose search criteria match those of your property and suggest that they visit your property.
During the visit, we ask to sign a confirmation of visit (bon de visite). If the buyer has visited the property with our agence, the buyers are not allowed to deal directly with the seller.

If the clients are interested in buying the property after the visit, they will make a written offer and we will pass this on to the seller.
This is a pre-contract which is only binding on the seller. Once accepted by the seller it becomes binding. No money can be demanded at the offer stage.
We will become the intermediary between the buyer and the seller to bring about an agreement on the price.
Once the purchase price is agreed, the buyer and seller sign a preliminary sale agreement (compromis de vente ). The purchase process is completed two to three months later at the notaire’s office. This delay allows time for the various compulsory checks that have to be carried out prior to purchase: planning certificates (certificats d’urbanisme), land registry extract (extrait cadastral) etc. Meanwhile the buyer goes about obtaining their loan. The buyer must pay a security deposit which is 10% of the sale price. The buyer has a seven day right to cancel the sale without having to give a reason.

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